We were founded in 2009, in a Milan that had no tourist vocation. We realized that this city could be the laboratory for creating a new model and tool for integrating the tourist offer for individual users who visit and live in our country.

In 2010, we launched MilanoCard, the first tourist card of the city of Milan, integrating local public transport, cultural offerings, entertainment, and dining.

Over the years, we have grown and today we are the leading Italian player in the city card industry, present in Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Venice with over 400,000 city pass users annually and constantly growing.

We created the first card that integrates national transportation among trains, local transport, taxis, and airport connections.


In a country not accustomed to integration, we deeply believe in the integration of offerings rather than exploiting some of the country’s tourist assets. All our offers are the result of the integration of multiple services, from transportation to culture, to offer the end customer simplification, accessibility, and knowledge.


We believe and work so that the individual tourist can move easily between all the main Italian cities and at the same time discover the lesser-known places that embody the history and beauty of this country.

We serve people and the entities and companies that promote tourism in this country and want to benefit from the power of integration and interconnection between the different Italian cities.